For the convenience of Parents & Guardians and students the school's own buses ply for the following stoppages :-

1. Local McCluskiegunj area (0-3 kms)

2. Hesalaong (0-3 kms)

3. Bazar Tand - Khelari (9 km)

4. Khelari/K.D. (10km)

5. Kerketta (12 km)

6. Rohini / Shubash nagar (18-20 kms)

7. Ray/Churi (20kms)

8. Bachra (25kms)

Any student desirous of using the schools owned bus facility must present an application to the school office duly signed by the parent/guardian. On completion of all the formalities the student will be issued with a Bus Pass/fee card. This should always be carried by the student when availing the school bus facility.

The school management accepts no responsibility for delays, breakdowns or accidents in the bus while in transit to or from the school.

The management reserves the right to withdraw the bus facility from any stop/route.

It is the responsibility of Parents/Guardians to have the student reached to the respective bus stop and also picked up from the stop everyday.


a. Students must be present at their respective stop at least five mins before the scheduled time.

b. Students must stay off the main roads until the arrival of the bus.

The bus will stop only at the designated bus stops and no where else.

c. Students will be held responsible individually/collectively for any damage caused to the school buses, which may attract appopriate disciplinary action,including recovery of costs for repair due to wilful vandalism/damage.

d. Students must maintain perfect order and disciplne while using the school bus facility. No student will throw anything or project anything from the bus. No fighting/bullying/using abusive language is permitted in the bus or towards those members of the public on the roads.

e. The bus pass must be carried by the student whenever using the bus service.

f. Students must board / alight from the bus at the designated bus stop only.

g. If any student is found using the bus facility without permission - such a student will be charged fees from the beginning of the academic sesion.

h. No student must allow any part of his body to protude outside of the bus.

i. All students must adhere to the instructions of the Bus Driver/Khalasi at all times.


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