The purpose of our co and extra curricular activities is to provide opportunities for the development of the "whole person". The school gives equal emphasis to activities such as Athletics, Sports, all Games in door and outdoor, Scouts, Social Service League, celebration of National / Important  days, Drawing and Art competitions, Quizzing, Essay competitions, Debating, Elocution, Cultural and talent competitions, etc encourage originality and initiative. This provides an outlet for the child's energy and enthuasim and offers opportunities for the development of individual talents. Specialists are invited to talk to students on different subjects.
The school has a well-equipped Library, which is adequately equipped and subscribes to several newspapers, magazines and journals. Computers are also provided here for reference purposes. An adequate bank of educational CDROMS are also available.
Computer Laboratory
The school has a spacious computer lab with over 40 up to date computers, which provided with adequate software to give the students the competitive edge in toady’s computer age. Internet facilities , when required are also provided.
Science Laboratories
Three seperate and well equipped state of the art laboratories have been established for Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Science clubs are encouraged and reqular exhibitions are held to showcase the scientific talent of our students.
The school has several active clubs made up of students under the supervision of teachers in varied subjects – English and Literary, Environment, Debating, Computers, Science, etc,.
The Nature Club
Our students actively participate in movements for the conservation and protection of the environment and climate change. The children of the Nature/Eco Club are taught :-To spread ecological sensitivity,To equip its members with skills in handling local environmental problems, To organise campaigns for the preservation of bio-diversity , To promote a spirituality and a world view that is earth friendly tourism.
The Computer Club
The Computer club since its inception has been instrumental in spreading computer and technology awareness in and around Patna. The club is one of the active clubs in Don Bosco Academy. Its main objective is to spread computer awareness amongst the underprivileged and needy.
The Readers' Club
The reader’s club inculcates appreciation in it’s members for reading, writing and literature. The club has three wings – reading, impressions and science. The reading wing encourages the power of reading. All students are given books to read weekly and have book discussions. This wing is also helps to publish the School Magazine -"GLIMPSESL". The impressions wing or the dramatics wing organises workshops on theatre and helps developing acting and speaking skills. The science wing helps to make the usually boring physics, chemistry and Biology interesting by means of experiments. The students conduct various exhibitions wherin they showcase experiments to help expand their scientific knowledge.
 The Music Club
 The Music Club is a group founded for the promotion of music amongst the younger generation. Music, derived from the French word ‘musique’, encompasses the eras that were forgotten till the time we shall never reach. Sounds of the Sitar to the Electric Guitar, stretching from classical to Rap, all, attribute to the essence of music.
Tourism & Excursions
Each year major excursions are made during the school holidays , these are educational tours made under the supervision of our teachers.
The S.U.P.W program (Socially Useful and Productive Work)
The S.U.P.W is now an integral part of the school curriculum . The aim of this program is to create an attitude of being helpful to others and to develop practical skills which will be of us e to the student and to society later on in life. Students are trained to be interested in one another and to enjoy cooperation. Students learn to do things under the supervision of a moderator to do things for themselves.
The Student Council
The organization is made up of Captains of teams and representatives of extra-curricular activities along with elected and nominated students of the higher classes.
National Cadet Corp (NCC)
The school has an active NCC unit and students are encouraged to join it purely on a voluntary basis. Cadets are given training in small arms and parades. The main aims are :

- To develop qualities of character, courage, comradeship, discipline, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and the ideals of selfless service among the youth to make them useful citizens.

- To create a human resource of organised, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life including the Armed Forces and always make them available for the service of the nation.

- To create a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.

This school has a unit for Scouts under the ageis of the Bharat Scouts & Guides. The main aim of our scouts is supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, so that they may play constructive roles in society. Scouting is taught using the Scout method, which incorporates an informal educational system that emphasizes practical activities in the outdoors. Programs exist for Scouts ranging in age from 11 to 18 and program specifics target Scouts in a manner appropriate to their age.

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